fred - dad

Devoted father for a special son

He is the father of Devante and a self emplyed upholstery with many years experience of business and management.  His personal skills and experience will ensure that the trust is well run and efficient.

After learning there was little or no hope of Devante surviving, as the cancer was at an advanced stage, he realised that without research this would always be the case.  As a result of this and in memory of his son he is now part of the team and it is his aim to have fundraising events to help with research and provide literature to both doctors and parents to help them understand and recognise the symptoms associated with neuroblastoma.

Prof. Kearns and her team at the Birmingham Childrens hospital were fantastic with the care they gave to Devante at the time of his illness, and a % of the funds raised will go to TCT.  Despite the fact that this particular section of the cancer ward is designed for children of 13 years and over, they went over and above in order to accomodate Devante and make his stays in hospital as comfortable as possible whilst undergoing chemotherapy and treatment.

Devante was a brilliant & remarkable little boy whose life was cut short because his condition was not diagnosed earlier.  Dont let this happen to another child, support the cause DO IT 4 DEE & all the 15% of children who suffer from this type of cancer.

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