Prof Pamela Kearns tribute

Devante Beckford ...............

Although Professor Kearns was unable to attend she wrote a fitting tribute.
I am very sorry I could not be with you today to personally share with you Devante's special day. I have no doubt that Devante's unique style will have shaped the day, in the same way that he influenced everything he touched.

It has been a privilege for me to be Devante's doctor and to have the opportunity to know both of you. I will particularly treasure my memories of you and Devante coming to the clinic; Characteristically, Devante had a very clear vision on how these visits should happen always with minimal disruption to his life. He would make sure that he told me his opinion on his treatment and what worried him and I hope he knew that I was always listening. The close relationship between you and Devante was obvious and the mutual respect and love between you was evident to me every time we met.

Devante was a very courageous young man who had to face challenges no young person can be prepared for, but he met the challenges without drama and with sense of humour even in the most difficult and sometimes painful times. The word that describe Devante best to me is 'cool' .

It is not possible for me to fully understand how a young person can cope with the news they have cancer and then the treatments they go through, but Devante, you and your family did find unimaginable strength to cope, a strength that I hope stays with you all as you remember Devante.

Devante touched many people at Birmingham Children's Hospital, all have stories to tell about him and his memory will never fade. My thoughts are with you and Devante today.


RIP Devante 05/10/12

the Trustees