Helen Queen tribute

How can words describe such a lovely yboy....

Devante was diagnosed with a Neuroblastoma in April 2011 when he was just 10 years old and almost a year later after undergoing really awful treatment including chemotherapy, surgery and high dose treatment his cancer progressed which was utterly devastating.

He was amazing right from the start (and so too was his mum) and spent so much time in hospital - a gentleman in a boy’s body, he had such a gentle nature, always calm, quiet and so very polite. He accepted each and every challenging step with such grace and maturity.

I went to the school and again their response was the same......the sheer disappointment in everyone that such a devastating disease had affected such a bright and amazing boy whose future should have been so different.

Devante had so much to give and was a pupil the school were proud of, he was an exception to the teenage rule as his character and temperament blew us all away!

I can honestly say that Devante NEVER EVER grumbled or groaned and when faced with the enormity of his disease and treatment he was truly amazing.

He quietly sat in clinic or lay quietly on his bed on the ward, always on his computer, headphones on, patiently whiling away the long days of chemo and always saying thank you each time another bag of chemo was put up or another dose of medicine was given.

If we can hold something close to treasure we can hold on to the joy, privilege and pleasure we had in meeting, knowing and sharing a small part of such a special life....Devante touched so many of us and we will always hold him close in our hearts and in our thoughts.........

Thank you Devante ..........

RIP Devante 05/10/12

the Trustees